Retrospective — 2020

In 2020, we took new paths.
A Kurzfilmwanderung with a smaller audience and in compliance with hygiene regulations took us not to three or four locations in one neighbourhood, but to different places all over Leipzig. Instead of wandering with the audience, our technology and the films in one evening, we wandered with our short film programme to the audience on ten evenings. Between 9 and 18 September, we visited ten different locations: from backyards, a spillway and gardens to accommodation for refugees and socio-cultural centres, we were able to show the films in exciting and beautiful spaces and, despite the smaller audience, we were able to watch short films with many people at the end.
For all those who could not be there, there was an online stream of the programme on two evenings. We would like to thank all the places that opened their doors and gates to us and invited us in. And of course to the filmmakers who also let us show their films at the extended Kurzfilmwanderung.

Harry und Rolf

Johanna Dembinski

The birth of Harry and Rolf as the distorted vision of a sixth grader whose only information comes from biology textbook diagrams and superficial sex education.

Blastogenese II

Conrad Veidt, Charlotte Maria Kätzl

Blastogenese II fantasises about evolution between science fiction images of the 1950s and boundary breaking drag of experimental films . A film as a nature documentary that captures the stru

Das Bärtierchen

Kerstin Welther

Does the secret to immortality slumber in tardigrades? A scientist tries to answer this question with experiments performed in his spaceship. 


Raphael Schanz, Ariane Wagner

A tuesday morning in the courtyard of a Neukölln residence. The employees of Blutwurstmanufaktur process meat for the prize winning best seller of their boss, the “knight of blood sausage” Be

Free Rolly

Stefan Möckel

A fish wants freedom.

Mein kleiner Garten

Stefan Möckel

A garden needs tending.

The story of a tomato

Stefan Möckel

A special tomato.

Land shape #1

Thadeusz Tischbein

With the bird's eye view on the landscape the film wonders what this visual information can tell us about the relationship between landscape and its utilization. It observes farmers who creat

Subconscious Notes

Susann Arnold

Of course I’m depressed! A film about the inner life of the east german reunification generation, shaped by the lack of a sure past, that tells the story of constant fracturing and the search


Zlatko Cosic

Minimal explorations of water and sound.

Le Songe de B. Soares

Thibault Chollet

I am like a pendulum that can’t stop waving, always moving, never reaching.


Marlon Weber

A young girl waits in a room. In the slow flow of time she has the opportunity to observe adult women. Rustling skirts, a goldfish, an office plant. A transition is coming but what it will br


Ania Pachura

In western culture periods have an ambivalent status since their thematisation often swings between the tension of celebrated #periodpositivity and shame filled taboo. These two extremes comb

Cambia Tutto

Ana Mouyis

A trip down the mountain through an aging Italian village, frame by frame.


Jordanis Papadopoulos

Wolfgang just can't imagine a world without video stores. As a child he experienced them as places to meet friends and discover new worlds. Today he is the owner of “Silvias Video Store” - on

Verbindungen - connections

Jannis Alexander Kiefer

Words. Rooms. Family. Loose connections from a distance reconstruct the story of an abandoned house.



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Klara Börnert
Christina Droll
Leoni Faschian
Christopher Hörnlein
Ronny Kind
Christian Klüpfel
Tabea Köbler
Arite Löcher
Ralf-Peter Lösche
Kevin Luhn
Thea Maier
Felix Paul Niemeyer
Winona Pawelzik
Johanna Penzlin
Lucas Riedl
Luca Ritter
Thomas Warren

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