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It's almost here!

Leipzig - Wahren

On the evenings of 23 and 24 July, fourteen very special short films will shine across house walls, bridge pillars and factory facades in Leipzig's north-west. This year's Kurzfilmwanderung will take place in Wahren and will present an international selection of films on the theme of inside/outside. We are pleased that many directors will be present again.

Meeting point on both evenings am Viaduct Wahren at 21:15.
(coordinates 51°22'32.9 "N 12°19'42.0 "E)

From there, we will walk with you from one projection location to the next with our mobile projection equipment on a cargo bike. Which locations we explore remains a surprise, just like the programme.

We would like to invite you to join us on our hike and to (re)discover Wahren and this year's film programme together!

We look forward to seeing you,
the team of the Short Film Hike Leipzig

PS: Don't forget to bring drinks and a blanket to sit on! (and possibly also mosquito spray)

Theme for this year

inside - outside

The black box is an object whose insides remain unknown. Every camera is a black box. We know what goes in at the beginning and what comes out at the end. We push buttons, get a picture, but everything in between remains hidden. Process and image develop a life of their own. The result is more than the sum of its parts.

Every day we perceive our surroundings, in which our body, of all things, remains a black box. We understand it neither as a whole nor in its inner workings. And yet our skin is both a boundary and a connection: a protective shell and a mediator between inside and outside.

Along which lines do boundaries run and who draws them? Where does identity come from? How can it be playfully discovered and what shapes it? And what happens when it doesn't correspond to the expectations of the outside? When it shouldn’t correspond to the expectations of the outside? Who is left? What is on the inside? Who is on the outside?

Film to film through the night

The Kurzfilmwanderung exists since 2014 an first originated as a project within Stadtkarawane e.V. The association is looking to connect humans that otherwise possibly never would’ve met to try to identify what makes a city a community space: the people who populate and create it. You can find more information on thea association on its website. In the past years the Kurzfilmwanderung has evolved into a sovereign project and is supported by both the Kulturverein des Hausprojektes Wurze as well as the Stadtteilladen Wasserschaden e.V. in Leipzig.

What happened until now

Here you can find all information about the hikes and all the films in a chronological overview

You want to get involved

Then you are exactly right here — we always need helping hands to expand our team


The Kurzfilmwanderung intertwines the plurality of shorts with the apparent dynamics of urban space. As a platform the kfw is meant to prepare a stage for non-commercial, independent directors to show exactly those artworks that are meaningful to them and their projections towards the world. By reinventing the city as a spontaneous open-air cinema we are opening up the possibility for a dialogue between all participants. As a genre the short film is generally marginalized and rarely finds its place in everyday culture. To counter that we want to show precisely those shorts which otherwise live a desolate life on forgotten hard-drives and abandoned video channels.

As an open project we try to keep the walk’s concept as variable as possible. We want to evoke the imagination of the audience rather than to dictate it, and thus invite participants to submit films in all shapes and genres. The Wanderung lives off its element of surprise, and only can fulfill its potential by matching the spontaneity of the format and its participants. Its mobile character prevents a strict program: Neither the walk’s locations nor its content will be previously published in order to keep the anticipation of the unknown an unspoilt reality. Thus, you will be inspired to let go of controlling your perception, lift your stereotypes, and open yourself to the experience. If successful this equalizes the individual from each other, and enables anyone to experience the walk to the fullest of its interests.

Our goal is to make culture accessible to everyone. We specifically question the material use of culture as a commodity and invite you to do the same. The festival is not for profit, and participation is free. This way anyone can join, partake or leave the kurzfilmwanderung at its free wish. We accept donations to accommodate for the operating costs.


By projecting moving images in public spaces known or unknown to the audience we are creating the possibility for the audience to explore or reinvent urban space in their surroundings. By interrupting known conceptualizations of urban spaces we hope to inspire your imagination to foster new ideas how to use these spaces alternatively and creatively. As a crowd we can circulate these ideas more freely back and forth during the night’s walk, and thus enable an open, moving dialogue between friends and strangers. Through its mobile concept the kurzfilmwanderung looks forward to break up your patterns of moving around the city, your neighborhood, or an unknown space.

The walk itself thus is a platform for dialogue catering both to the individual participant as well as its role in the bulk walking from one location to the next like a swarm. We will enable open communications between the artists present and the recipients, or the other way around to circulate impressions, thoughts and questions about the screenings and their place in space. In the past years we had numerous directors walking with us, creating an additional layer to receiving their contributions to the festival.

The kurzfilmwanderung is only possible by many hours of voluntary work by a couple of people. As a non-profit any donations we receive on top of paying for the organizational costs will be spread symbolically among the team relative to their engagement. As a group we don’t foster any hierarchies and anyone shall do exactly as much as he can, likes, and enjoys. All our decisions are made in consensus.

Letzte Vorbereitungen am Technikwagen
Core Team

Klara Börnert
Christina Droll
Leoni Faschian
Christopher Hörnlein
Ronny Kind
Christian Klüpfel
Tabea Köbler
Arite Löcher
Ralf-Peter Lösche
Kevin Luhn
Thea Maier
Felix Paul Niemeyer
Winona Pawelzik
Johanna Penzlin
Lucas Riedl
Luca Ritter
Thomas Warren

Thanks to

Das Japanische Haus,
Die Autodidaktische Initiative,
Kollektivhaus Wurze,
Stadt Karawane

Supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.

One more thing

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Best regards, your Kurzfilmwanderung team.

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