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Without people who give their time, ideas and abilities to the short film migration, they would not take a step. You want to contribute, share your ideas, learn from each other and make the next short film migration together? Write us, we look forward to your message!
Whether you are interested in short films, pleasure in organizing, practicing in the registration of events at the city, a hand for internet sites, pleasure in writing about films and culture, an idea of public relations or curation, a look for the urban space Projection technology or a completely different idea, as you would like to work with - we are looking forward to all who want to get to know us.


Call for Entries

Send your films on a journey!

What remains unseen? Between two steps towards some unknown end, one gets out of step stumbling. A movement between tilting and turning. Will it lead to awareness? Or only result in bruised knees? When does the temporary become permanent and the trivial relevant? Is it caused by transcendence? Some may consider it shameful. Others may think it is brave. What remains?

We want your short films - may they be strange or striking, sensitive or provocative, found or outcast. During the Kurzfilmwanderung, your shorts with a maximum length of twenty minutes will be presented under an open summer sky in various urban spaces throughout a selected neighborhood of Leipzig. Each curated screening will be connected by the audience walking together from one location to the next.

We look forward to anything you want to show!

Here's the call for entries