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A blueprint is a reproduction of an architectural or engineering plan.
Paper turns blue when exposed to the light.
Where a stencil protects the paper from the sun, it will remain white.
A photocopy serving itself as a template.
The question of orientation arises somewhere in between,
where and by what, why and for what - and how did it all begin?
We are looking for films addressing the concept of the blueprint in terms of content and/or technically. No matter if feature, animated or experimental film, as long as its length does not exceed 20 minutes. The selected films will be projected outdoors at several locations in one of Leipzig's neighborhoods during the 9th edition of the Kurzfilmwanderung. The entire audience will walk from film to film through the night. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Entry deadline is May 15th 2023.


You can submit your film digitally here. It is important that you provide all data so that we can consider your film in the selection for our program.

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