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For 400 years a phenomenon of migration has been observed: The magnetic North Pole continuously changes its position. The supposedly fix reference point to any compass' needle is in motion itself. What does it matter, if fixed points aren't fix after all? What happens in the field between the poles? What, if directions change unnoticed? If the abstract turns specific and the dreamed turns real? What does any attitude, any protest, any attraction refer to when the point of reference itself travels?

We want your short films with a maximum length of 20 minutes – may they be animation or live-action, questioning or insisting, in view of any direction. During the Kurzfilmwanderung 2019 in July your shorts will be presented: Under an open summer sky we screen directly onto the city's surface in several spaces throughout one selected neighbourhood. Each curated screening will be connected by the audience walking together from one location to the next.

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