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The black box is an object whose insides remain unknown. Every camera is a black box. We know what goes in at the beginning and what comes out at the end. We push buttons, get a picture, but everything in between remains hidden. Process and image develop a life of their own. The result is more than the sum of its parts.

Every day we perceive our surroundings, in which our body, of all things, remains a black box. We understand it neither as a whole nor in its inner workings. And yet our skin is both a boundary and a connection: a protective shell and a mediator between inside and outside.

Along which lines do boundaries run and who draws them?  Where does identity come from? How can it be playfully discovered and what shapes it? And what happens when it doesn't correspond to the expectations of the outside? When it shouldn’t correspond to the expectations of the outside? Who is left? What is on the inside? Who is on the outside?
We are looking for your films on the topic "inside - outside" - whether animation or live action, questioning or asserting, but no longer than 20 minutes. During the Kurzfilmwanderung, the selected films will be projected outdoors at several locations in one of Leipzig's neighborhoods. The audience will wander together from film to film through the night. We are looking forward to your submissions. 

Entry deadline is May 15th 2021.

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