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I realize that today was a day. And yesterday too.

Sometimes we see one another. On the street, while walking the dog, on the way to the shops, we reliably meet familiar faces and yet they have no names. We don't know each other, but our paths cross. What is ordinary to me, what is ordinary to them? Is my adventure their routine? How long until an adventure ceases to be just that? If I do today what I did yesterday - is that my everyday?

Everyday: a web woven of expected events. How does it come into being? By practicing choreographies, through programmed algorithms - ticking along. Or: by doing just the opposite. Do we find security or boredom? When does comfort become confinement, when does routine become lethargy?

And what if everyday life suddenly breaks away?

Injustice can be hidden in its banality, just like beauty.

Today was a day. And yesterday too.

We are looking for your films on the theme of "Everydays". Whether animation or real film, questioning or assertive - the main thing is that they are no longer than 20 minutes. The selected films will be projected outdoors at several locations in one of Leipzig's districts during the short film walk. The audience will wander together from film to film through the night. We are looking forward to your submissions.

Entry deadline is June 1st 2022.


You can submit your film digitally here. It is important that you provide all data so that we can consider your film in the selection for our program. If you prefer to send your film by post, please send it on CD/DVD to the address in the imprint along with a filled in printout of the form.

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